Intermed update - November 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted plans to develop and implement new opportunities for Intermed, but we continue to pray, dream and plan for the future!

Due to declining numbers of students, a trend observed by many mission organisations, the Intermed /Tabor Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in International Health and Development ended in 2020 with the last Intermed Summer School held in January 2019. Between 2015 to 2020, 14 students completed the Graduate Certificate and 6 the Graduate Diploma, with other students doing some of the subjects.

Plans to collaborate with Tabor for a Graduate Certificate and Diploma in Intercultural Studies, which would have included some core elements of the Intermed program, were not realised as the tertiary accreditation requirements could not realistically be met.

In December 2019, Intermed ran a short one-day workshop (Minimed) for medical students planning their electives in less resourced contexts. Our intention was to further develop this short course and offer it more widely. However, the COVID-19 pandemic meant that no medical students did electives in less resourced locations overseas in 2020 and 2021. As medical electives recommence Intermed will look to revive this Minimed program.

Intermed is also looking for opportunities to put some of the "best" Intermed summer school content online.

There are opportunities for Intermed to collaborate with other educational groups in both these initiatives.

Intermed has also run, in collaboration with Tabor and the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship Australia (CMDFA) in South Australia, an annual Oration in honour of Intermed’s founder, Emeritus Professor Anthony Radford. You can read about the latest Oration – and all previous Orations – here: News and Events/The Anthony Radford Oration


Dr Doug Shaw, Intermed Secretary
Tel: 61 0408 679 347


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